BrandoTech offers a wide variety of PC computer services including:

  • Computer optimization: Make your computer run faster and smoother than ever before!
  • File Backup: We can store your pictures, documents, projects, etc. for later use in case something happens to your system!
  • Operating System Installation: Want to install the newest Windows version? We can do this seamlessly while maintaining all your settings and files!
  • Hard-drive Reformatting: This option is for you if you want to give your computer a fresh start! It will return to how it was when you first purchased it! (files can be saved)
  • Virus Removal: Think you’re computer is infected? We can check and cleanse!
  • Anti-Virus Software Installation: Get the latest and most up-to-date protection with no monthly fee!
  • Computer Repair: Computer not working? Let us fix it!
  • Logo Design: Allow us to create a logo for your business, team, event or anything else!
  • Website Design: We can build  you a WordPress site (like this one) or a custom site from scratch to meet your needs!